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In this section, you will find a list of software and other technology resources that could be helpful for supporting your lesson study work.


LessonLab Platform ©2001, LessonLab.

LessonLab launched a comprehensive software platform to support the development and implementation of innovative and case-based professional learning programs. Based on the latest research, LessonLab's web-based platform allows teachers and other professionals to study and discuss videos and other artifacts of classroom practice, face-to-face and over the Internet. Lesson Lab's technology consists of an integrated platform for creating and delivering case-based content in an interactive format over the Web. This technology incorporates a synergistic mix of streaming video, user discussions, supplemental materials, expert commentary and personal learning tools to create an enriching professional development experience. The platform consists of three components: Viewer?, the core user interface for interacting with cases in the digital libraries; Builder?, the application for creating content for the digital libraries; and the digital libraries themselves that form a scaleable repository for case materials. For more information about this software and technology, please click here.