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In this section, you will find a selected list of videos and cd-roms that we consider to be especially relevant for people who are interested in learning more about lesson study, or who would like to share information about lesson study with others.


Lesson Study: An Introduction (cd-rom). ©2002, Global Education Resources.

This cd-rom presents a general overview of the lesson study process and answers questions frequently asked by American audiences when they hear about lesson study for the first time. Makoto Yoshida of Global Education Resources, LLC created this cd-rom in collaboration with Clea Fernandez of the Lesson Study Research Group/ Teachers College, Columbia University. Video footage and materials for this cd-rom were collected by Yoshida at Tsuta Elementary School in Hiroshima, Japan as part of his dissertation (Lesson study: A case study of a Japanese appraoch to improving instruction through school-based teacher development, 1999). Running time: 22 minutes. To obtain a copy of this cd-rom, please download an order form from and send it with your payment (instructions on form). If you have any other questions, e-mail:

Japanese Lesson Study Report (cd-rom). Greenwich Japanese School teachers, Makoto Yoshida, & Clea Fernandez. ©2001, Greenwich Japanese School & Lesson Study Research Group.

This digital lesson study report, which was created by teachers at the Greenwich Japanese School, includes the following information:

(1) a copy of the entire lesson study open house booklet that was provided to the participants of the Greenwich Japanese School Open House on November 14, 2000. This brochure includes logistical details of the event, planning discussion notes, lesson plans, and other key information about the work of the Greenwich Japanese School teachers, some of which culminated in the Open House on November 14, 2000. (Excerpts of this brochure, including lesson plans from this event, are also available in the work samples section of this web site and can be downloaded there.)
(2) a discussion of the Greenwich Japanese School's lesson study collaboration with a math study group at Paterson Public School #2 in New Jersey and the Lesson Study Research Group of Teachers College, Columbia University.
(3) a description, along with detailed lesson plans, of the Japanese teachers' own whole-unit lesson study on the topic of "proportion" (6th grade).
(4) video images from the Greenwich Japanese School Open House on November 14, 2000 and from the teachers' whole-unit lesson study experiment on 6th-grade proportion. This cd-rom is n
ot yet available--however, significant excerpts are available on this website.

Three Perspectives on Lesson Study (video). ©2001, Regents of the University of California.

This video presents researchers (Catherine Lewis, Clea Fernandez, and Jim Stigler) answering a series of questions on lesson study. The topics discussed include: (1) frequently asked questions and basics of lesson study; (2) perspectives on adapting lesson study for a U.S. context; and (3) the use of technology for supporting lesson study. Running time: 20 minutes. This video can be ordered at:

Can You Lift a 100 Kilograms? (video). ©2000, Catherine Lewis.

This video shows all three parts (planning, teaching, and discussing) of the research lesson cycle. To preview or order this video, please click here:

The Secret of Magnets (video). ©1999, Catherine Lewis.

Video of Japanese 3rd-grade science research lesson on magnets. To order this video, please click here:

The Secret of Trapezes (video). ©1999, Catherine Lewis.

Video of Japanese 5th-grade science research lesson on pendulums. To order this video, please click here:

Are you interested in videotapes of American teachers doing lesson study? We currently cannot provide you access to videotapes of American teachers engaging in lesson study, since these videos were collected for data analysis purposes only. However, we and others are currently in the process of creating publicly viewable tapes. If you are interested in obtaining videotapes that other American teachers have agreed to share, you may want to send a message to the Lesson Study Listserv with your request or check past message archives that have included similar requests. Finally, you may also consider contacting specific U.S. lesson study groups with your request .