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In this section, you will find a selected list of websites that we consider to be especially relevant for people who are interested in learning more about lesson study, or conducting it in their schools. This section includes both websites devoted to lesson study and websites that include lesson-study related resources. If you would like websites that link to lesson study support and/or consulting organizations, please click here.


***The following list of lesson study websites is alphabetized by name:

Global Education Resources, LLC:

Global Education Resources (GER), based in New Jersey, is a leading lesson study consulting firm that works with schools and districts across the United States to implement lesson study. The mission of GER, which was formed by Dr. Makoto Yoshida, is to improve elementary and middle mathematics instruction and learning by providing workshops and consulting services to teachers, schools, and districts. GER provides presentations, workshops, and consulting services on the following topics: implementing lesson study; improving mathematics instruction and understanding of student thinking in the classroom; implementing problem solving and the open-ended approach to classroom lessons; and lesson planning and writing lesson plans. Also see related website: Lesson Study Network.

Lesson Lab, Inc.:

This website, which is sponsored by Jim Stigler of UCLA/ Lesson Lab, provides information about software, research, and services aimed at understanding and improving classroom teaching and learning. This website also provides the largest video database of teaching in the world
. To read more about Lesson Lab's approach to "teaching teachers", please click here.

Lesson Study focused on science/ in Japan:

This website, which is maintained by Catherine Lewis of Mills College, provides information about lesson study in Japan, and especially science lesson study.

Regional Educational Laboratories: NCREL, NWREL, SERVE, WestEd, etc.

This network of 10 educational regional laboratories, serving geographic regions that span the nation, works to ensure that those involved in educational improvement at the local, state, and regional levels have access to the best available information from research and practice. With support from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), the Laboratories work as vital partners with state and local educators, community members, and policymakers in using research to tackle the difficult issues of education reform and improvement. For more information about the Regional Educational Network, please click here. For a map and contact information for individual centers, please click here.

NWREL Lesson Study click here

NCREL Lesson Study click here

Research for Better Schools:

Research for Better Schools is a non-profit educational research & development firm that has been serving educators in the Mid-Atlantic region of Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Their mission is to help students achieve by supporting improvement efforts in schools and other education programs. RBS currently operates the Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education, under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. It also offers educational technology, development, evaluation, technical assistance, and training services. RBS Publications provides research and best practices-based products for practitioners and policymakers. This website also features lesson study as part of its resources section.

School Renewal Web Center/ featured strategy on lesson study:

This website, which is maintained by the School Renewal WebCenter, is designed to help teachers, principals, parents or community members think about new designs for learning. The School Renewal WebCenter hosts the discussion forum on lesson study, and we would like to thank them for collaborating with us.