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Mathematics, Science, & Technology

Archived Announcements 2013-2014 > Sandra Okita, Chuck Kinzer, and John Black - How Smart Can We Get?

Sandra Okita, Chuck Kinzer, and John Black - How Smart Can We Get?

Published in TC Today - Volume 37, No. 2

by Elizabeth Dwoskin

These are heady times in the world of education technology. Tools such as iPads, Kinect and Wii increasingly provide opportunities for "embodied cognition" -- the acquisition of knowledge through touch, movement, gesture, sight, hearing and other activities involving the body as well as the intellect. Interactive software generates data that can illuminate which teaching strategies work best for students in a particular classroom, school or district. Even low-tech approaches, such as debate via chat function or manipulation of objects on screen, seem to intensify focus.

It's easy to imagine a future world of super-smart people, using technology to solve all kinds of daunting challenges. But the new digital age is actually prompting questioning of traditional measures of intelligence.

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