Audiological Services

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Edward D. Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders

Audiological Services

Hearing loss can affect people of all ages:  infants can be born with hearing loss; hearing can be damaged in children with frequent middle ear problems; teenagers can damage their hearing using loud electronic devices; and adults can lose their hearing due to noise exposure, genetics, or medications. Regardless of the age or cause, hearing loss results in significant communication handicap that affects all areas of an individual’s life:  interpersonal communication at home, work and school; social development; cognitive status; and emotional state. The identification of hearing loss (newborn hearing screening, hearing assessment) and non-medical treatment (hearing aids, assistive devices) is completed by an audiologist. Hearing loss that is medically treatable needs to be identified and quantified for necessary referral to medical specialists for treatment.

At the Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders, hearing assessments are available for young children through geriatrics for the identification of hearing loss and appropriate referral for medical intervention or amplification (hearing aids). Aural habilitation and rehabilitation services are also available for children and adults with communication issues caused by hearing loss.

Please note that the Mysak Clinic does not accept insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.  Clients who receive therapy at the Mysak Clinic are responsible for payment. The Mysak Clinic offers a sliding fee scale for those individuals who cannot afford the full cost of services.

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