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School Context

PS 29 is a pre-K to 5th grade school located in Brooklyn, New York. Situated in the heart of Brooklyn, PS 29 serves students from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds. The student population is very diverse ranging from family members who have lived in Brooklyn for many generations to those who have recently immigrated. The demographics include 8.5% Asian students, 17.2% Black students, 24.5% Hispanic students and 49.8% White students.




Through rigorous student-centered curriculum, teachers ensure that every child works to his or her maximum potential. Special attention is given to students with diverse academic, social and language needs. Building a community environment is central to the school’s philosophy and through professional development, teachers work collaboratively to develop a well-rounded schooling experience for all students at PS 29.


A variety of co-curricular programs before, during and after the school day are offered to students including; lunch time clubs, kid's club, after school courses, chess club, basketball, pep squad, gymnastics, yoga, circus team, and Saturday carnival for fun & fitness. In addition, parent involvement is an outstanding resource and support for the school.

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