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Technology Integration Projects

The following lists describes projects that were created by teachers participating in the PDS Technology Integration Project. Projects are listed by grade level.

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Stephanie Lukas
Kindergarten, PS 165

Science & Language Arts - Our Pond Habitat Study
Students used technology to study the habitat of a pond. Using Kidpix software, students created illustrations about their scientific inquiries of multiple inhabitants in a pond. Students made observations and inquiries as multiple species were added to a class pond. Inhabitants of the pond included snails, frogs, and crickets. Students illustrated the growing cycle of a frog and multiple illustrations of pond facts as part of their non-fiction study.

Tracy Dillon
Kindergarten, PS 165

Peace Education and Conflict Resolution in Kindergarten

Elizabeth Menendez
Kindergarten Dual Language, PS 165

Language Arts & Social Studies - Animal Studies with Technology
Students investigated the habitats of animals as part of their non-fiction studies. They created a class alphabet book where each letter represented factual information about a specific animal. Students were given a letter of the alphabet and had to choose an animal to study that corresponded to their letter. Subsequently, they read books and explored websites about their specific animal. Each student illustrated four facts about their animal using Kidpix software. All of the studies were combined into a class alphabet book about animals.

Rebeca Madrigal
1st Grade Dual Language, PS 165

Social Studies & Language Arts - Learning About Our Community
Students incorporated technology into a study of workers in their community. They interviewed school staff including clerical, cafeteria and janitorial staff. Students also interviewed members in their surrounding community such as store owners, managers, restaurant staff, and street vendors. In partners, students created books that illustrated their school and highlighted four community workers. Kidpix software, digital cameras, and scanners were technologioes used in the project.

Ivonne Torres
1st Grade Dual Language, PS 165

Science & Language Arts - Inquiring into Scientific Phenomena

Carolyn McFarlane
2nd Grade, PS 87

Desert Facts: A Slide Show Presentation

Erika Greenblatt
2nd Grade Dual Language, PS 87

Mar Maravilloso/Sea Sensational

Regina Alleyne & Suzan Federici
1st-2nd Grade, PS 149

Eric Carle Author Study

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Audrey Reagin
3rd Grade, PS 149

The Cultures of 116th Street

Josie Carbone
3rd Grade, PS 191

Around Lincoln Square: A Walk Through the Neighborhood

Francisco Najera & Peter Kendzor
3rd Grade Dual Language, PS 165

Social Studies & Language Arts - Legends from Latin America
Students incorporated technology into a study of Latin American legends. Using Kidpix software, students created illustrations and incorporated digital photos into legends they wrote about Latin America using the writing process. Students began the project through creative writing and art expression in classroom activities which evolved into formal writing process activities both on paper and the computer.

Jennifer Serevallo
3rd Grade, PS 165

Science, Mathematics, & Language Arts - Science through Student Inquiry
Using Hyperstudio software, students presented inquiry-based group projects on plants. They used digital cameras to chart the process of plant growth and present data on plant inquiries. Research on plant inquiries was conducted through hands-on activities, internet sites, and multiple texts.

Yolanda Pacheco
3rd-5th Grade Special Education, PS 149

Bones and Skeletons

Bob Oyama & Loretta Williams
3rd-5th Grade, PS 191

Making the Right Choice

Gretchen Scheldorf
4 th Grade, PS 191

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Webquest

Kim Carmona
5th Grade, PS 149

Layers of the Rainforest

Miriam Ayeni
4th-5th Grade, PS 87

Story Tellers

Robyn Ulzheimer, Lauri Posner, Kazue Takenaga, Edwin Mayorga & Phil Firstenbaum
5th Grade, PS 87

Using Handhelds in a 5th Grade Class

Tom Andrews
5th Grade, PS 87

Class Newspaper

Susanna Blum, Gladys Curet, Amy Thomas & Aris Puente
5th Grade, PS 191

Coordinating a Grade-wide Social Studies Technology Project

Peter Kendzor
Computer Teacher, PS 165

TILT: Team Integrated Litercy Technology for K-5

Stephanie Locker
Librarian, PS 191

Creating Books with Word Technology




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