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Listed below are multiple resources for educators and policymakers interested in Technology Use and Access in Schools. Choose from the following areas:

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Research & Policy Briefs: return to top

CARET - Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology

Reviews of research articles and a list of critical questions relating to Educational Technology. The site also provides a set of criteria for evaluating research.

NCES - National Center for Education Statistics

A comprehensive site of all educational statistical information. It provides the most up-to-date briefs on technology use and access in schools.

ACOT - Apple Classrooms of Tommorow

A fundamental research study conducted in classrooms from 1985-1998 in collaboration with public schools, universities, research agencies, and Apple Computers, Inc. It's goal was to study how the routine use of technology by teachers and students might change teaching and learning.

Curriculum Resources: return to top

hi-ce -Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education

Out of the University of Michigan, this center provides the latest and most comprehensive information and resources on the use of Handhelds in classroom settings.

Marco Polo - Marco Polo Education Foundation

A consortium of national education organizations, state education agencies, and the Marco Polo Education Foundation provide high quality internet content and professional devlopment for teachers. 

Kathy Schrock -Kathy Schrock Technology Coordinator

Kathy Schrock is the Technology Coordinator for a school district in Massachussettes. Her website provides a detailed and updated list of internet sites useful for enhancing curriculum units.

Organizations: return to top

ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education

A nonprofit organization focused on improving teaching and learning by advancing effective uses of technology in K-12 education. The website contains information relating to many topics in educational technology. ISTE is the only source for  National Standards for educational uses of technology for students, teacher edcuation programs, and technology leaders. 

i*Earn - International Education and Resource Network

A nonprofit global network where students and teachers use the internet and other new technologoes to engage in collaborative educational projects that enhance learning and make a difference in the world. Students have collaborated in solving environmental issues as well as world hunger and housing issues.

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AERA - American Education Research Association

The largest and most comprehensive educational research conference. Researchers from multiple disciplines, including technology, present their latest studies.

NECC - National Education Computing Congference

The largest technology exhibition featuring over 1,000 booths and more than 350 companies displaying hardware, software, publications, adn equipment emphasizing teh use of computers by students and education professionals.

ICLS - International Conference of the Learning Sciences

The conference brings together experts from academica, research labs, and industry in advancing the understanding of human learning and technology innovations. 






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