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What is the Cleveland Schools Excellence Project?

This project emerges from the need to identify, describe, and share best practices that exist within Cleveland public, private and charter schools and provide tangible evidence that excellent educational opportunities can be-- and have been-- created within the Cleveland school system.  The schools that will be included in this research study are considered schools that are making a difference; they are places from which other schools can learn locally-tested, effective strategies and practices.  In addition, these schools will serve as partners to the Cleveland and Gund Foundations as they seek to spread the knowledge of successful educational practice and raise community awareness around ways to provide an excellent education to all of Cleveland’s children and youth.

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What is NCREST’s role?

A total of 12 schools will be selected by the two foundations based on available evidence of their effectiveness. The schools will include elementary, middle and high schools and public, charter, and private schools. To provide information that can be utilized to improve student educational achievement in schools serving at-risk students, NCREST will:

  1. Develop a research-based framework to be used with schools that serve an at-risk population to identify and describe successful instructional practice.
  1. Identify best practices among a network of 12 successful schools, particularly those with potential for replication.
  1. Create resource materials that will promote the sharing of information among schools and the implementation of identified best practices. 
  1. With the Institute for Student Achievement, conduct a series of roundtables and other events created to share and discuss best practices, exchange ideas, and collaboratively address challenges 


For more information, contact: Jacqueline Ancess, NCREST Co-Director ( or Elisabeth A. Barnett, NCREST Senior Research Associate (



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