The Michigan Early Middle College Association Research Partnership (2010 ­ present)

NCREST serves as a research partner of the Michigan Early Middle College Association (MEMCA), a network of middle-early college high schools in Michigan. NCREST collects data and conducts analyses that provide information used by MEMCA schools to strengthen their design and implementation. NCREST also regularly provides technical assistance workshops that help member schools to understand and reflect on the data collected on their students’ experiences and outcomes.

About the partner organization
MEMCA is an affiliate organization of the Middle College National Consortium (MCNC) a national membership organization of middle and early college high schools. These schools blur the border between high school and college to create “blended institutions” offering students a chance to begin college work while still in high school. Taking a mixture of high school and college courses, students strive to earn a high school diploma and substantial numbers of college credits. Some students even earn an associate’s degree on graduation from high school. Students are intensively supported and guided as they experience themselves as successful college-level learners.

Key activities
NCREST is involved in four activities in support of MEMCA schools:

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