Education for the Poor: Financial Crisis Response Project in Mongolia (2010 - present)

ICREST (NCREST’s international branch) in collaboration with the Mongolian Education Alliance is providing research and technical assistance to Government of Mongolia and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (MECS) for an eleven-component crisis-mitigation project funded by the Asian Development Bank.. The Government of Mongolia has embarked on a process of fiscal adjustment in response to the 2008 global financial and economic crisis. In an effort to mitigate the negative impact of the financial crisis on the poor and other vulnerable groups and to help safeguard achievements in the education sector in Mongolia, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) awarded the Government of Mongolia with a grant to implement this project. The Project is intended to ensure that access to and quality of education will be maintained and system efficiency further enhanced during the crisis and thereafter.

Partner Organization
ICREST has partnered with the Mongolian Education Alliance (MEA) a public service NGO that works to strengthen and sustain networks of local and international partners working on educational reform in Mongolia to implement the technical assistance component of the project.

Key activities
ICREST is providing the following forms of technical assistance for the project:
  • Program Monitoring: developing tools, guidelines and processes for monitoring the country’s newly-introduced free preschool meal program and its free textbook provision program for poor households.
  • Capacity Building: supporting the Ministry of Education, provincial education departments and schools to develop and build capacity in: (1) finance and budgeting, (2) strategic planning, (3) school management, and (4) education management information systems development (EMIS).
  • Feasibility Studies: conducting feasibility studies on mechanisms for reducing the costs of school uniforms for households and on the increasing community involvement in school-level decision making and monitoring.
  • Information Dissemination: developing multimedia communication strategies and materials aimed at increasing schools’ participation in a block grant program.

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