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Building School-Family Partnerships in a South Bronx Classroom

David Bensman

This study of a second/third grade classroom in a parent-founded school follows a child from a religious family who travels a long distance, both geographically and psychologically, from home to school. The study tries to understand the distances some children must travel between home and the classroom and the influences they encounter along the way.

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Between Home and School: Cultural Interchange in an Elementary Classroom

Kathe Jervis

This study of a fifth grade classroom presents three children and their families and the relationships they developed with the teacher, the ethnographer, and the school community, ranging from intense and collaborative to distant and fearful. The study explores the process of cultural interchange between the school and the families.

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Cultural Interchange in a Bronx High School: Three Children

Kemly A. McGregor

This is a study of a small high school’s attempt to create an intellectual culture that draws on and validates the realities of its students. While the school has been successful in reaching those children whose assumptions and values mirror its own, it still struggles to find a point of connection with those children who do not share those values.

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Reaching Out to Other People's Children in an Urban Middle School: The Families’ Views

Jianzhong Xu

This study documents four families’ reactions to the experiences their children encounter at school, showing how the families’ interpretations are shaped by their perceptions of the roles played by the school, the parents, and the children, and how these perceptions are further mediated by their racial consciousness, class, and the gender of their children.

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