The Series on Cultural Interchange

Preface to the Series
Titles in the Series
About the Authors

Building School-Family Partnerships in a South Bronx Classroom

David Bensman

Between Home and School: Cultural Interchange in an Elementary Classroom

Kathe Jervis

Cultural Interchange in a Bronx High School: Three Children

Kemly A. McGregor

Reaching Out to Other People’s Children in an Urban Middle School: The Families’ Views

Jianzhong Xu

Grappling with Difference
14-minute video

We want to thank our program monitor at the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Sandra Steed, and her colleague, Beth Fine, for their invaluable support, and our NCREST colleagues Jacqueline Ancess, Diane Brown, Linda Darling-Hammond, Gary Griffin, Suzette Hanser, Christine Kessler, Ann Lieberman, and Patrice Litman for encouraging us along the way. Susan Audap, Jon Snyder, Nigel Thompson, Lois Weiner, and Nancy Wilson read early drafts. Nancy Berliner, Bruce Gerig, and Susan Kelly edited the manuscript and managed the details of production. Our families deserve special mention for sustaining us through the three years of intense work on this project. Most of all, we would like to acknowledge the willingness of teachers, administrators, study families, and those in the wider school community—most of whom remain anonymous—to collaborate with us on this joint venture.