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Neurocognition of Language Lab
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Neurocognition of Language Lab 

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The Neurocognition of Language Lab conducts theoretically-grounded empirical research using behavioral, electroencephalographic, and other brain imaging modalities, with the goal of increasing understanding of the processes and representations involved in speech, language and cognition, and informing best practices in clinical and (educational) pedagogical arenas.

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Researchers investigate the neural correlates of speech, language and cognition in populations of interest for pedagogical and clinical professionals, including children and adults from linguistically, culturally and economically diverse populations, and those who have developmental and acquired speech/language or cognitive disorders.

Click here for an overview of current research projects.

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The Neurocognition of Language Lab completed a major renovation and expansion in the summer of 2013. The lab now features two soundproof chambers featuring high-density EEG systems.

The expanded facilities will dramatically enhance the lab's ability to conduct research and train graduate students. Many thanks to the students, faculty and staff that made this new state-of-the-art facility possible.

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