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Neurocognition of Language Lab Featured In TC Today Article: Backstage at the Human Drama

Karen Froud is using EEG technology to understand how brain differences shape behavior.

“Looking at behavior alone tells us only a fraction of what’s really going on,” says Froud, Associate Professor for the programs in Speech–Language Pathology and Neuroscience and Education. “Observable behavior is the end result of many, many processes that happen behind the scenes. Behavior can look very similar from one person to the next, but when we look at what the brain is doing, that’s where we see differences.”

Froud and her students use brain-imaging technologies to look “behind the scenes” in children with speech disorders, adults who are learning to read, people who speak multiple languages and even longtime practitioners of meditation. Their work has ranged from research on language processing to studies of the brain systems used for thought and conceptual understanding.

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