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CEO&I and Institute for Educational Leadership Launch Partnership with Intersession Course

The Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation (CEO&I) at TC has established a new partnership with the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL), a think tank based in Washington, D.C.

Their first joint project will be a Federal Policy Institute held in Washington during the intersession-January 10 through January 15. Michael Timpane, a former Teachers College President, and Michael Usdan, President of IEL, will team teach the week-long course.

Confirmed speakers include: Michael Smith, Undersecretary of Education; Mike Cohen, education advisor to President Clinton; Bella Rosenberg of the American Federation of Teachers; Susan Traiman of the Business Roundtable; Ann Bryant of the National School Boards Association; and Gerald Tirozzi, Assistant Secretary of Education.

The purpose of the Federal Policy Institute is to examine three themes: the enduring values of American education, contemporary issues in national school reform efforts and the role of the federal government. Within these themes, students will choose a policy issue of personal interest. This issue will serve as the starting point for discussions with faculty and guest speakers. At the end of the week selected students will present their policy paper to the Undersecretary of Education. Through these activities students will come to understand both the issue and the policy-making process.The course is being offered through the Department of Human Development program in politics and education. The course number is HUDF 4899 and the CRN is 52503. It is offered for three credits for a fee of $1,920 or for a non-credit fee of $1,300 for working educators and Teachers College alumni.

As part of the course requirements, students will be expected to research a policy issue of personal interest prior to arriving in Washington. The research should entail at least 60 hours of study. The institute will include 39 hours of instruction. Students are expected to engage the guest speakers in discussions of their research topics. To complete the course requirements, students will be expected to submit policy papers reflecting their research and discussions with the speakers.

For more information, contact Peter Comeau, Associate Director of CEO&I, at (212) 678-3147.

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