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Financial Priorities Committee Completes Work: TC Trustees Adopt FPC’s Recommendations

At their May meeting, the trustees of Teachers College unanimously adopted the recommendations submitted by the Financial Priorities Committee.

For 18 months, the TC community has been engaged in a conversation about its priorities for the future. A panel that included alumni, faculty, staff , students and trustees spent months trying to balance the need for physical plant repairs and academic initiatives. The community agreed that TC's top priorities had to include increasing the number of scholarships for students, investing in new and existing academic programs, improving the intellectual environment for students and faculty alike.

The end result is a plan that outlines how $100 million in new funds would be invested in the College:

$28.5 million for scholarships and fellowships.

$9 million for endowed chairs

$3 million for professional development

$7 million for academic and department initiatives

$8 million for an innovation fund for new projects

$3.5 million for distance learning

$6.1 million for technological improvements

$5.45 million for student life programs, including a child care center and improving access for disabled students.

$29.45 million for the physical plant, including improving access and renovating classrooms.

Now that the hard work of the committee is complete, the task of raising $100 million begins. A team of volunteers that includes alumni, emeriti professors, trustees and friends of the College are working with the Office of Development to raise the funds.

Joseph Brosnan, Vice President for Development and External Affairs and chairman of the FPC, said the committee's work provides a guide for fund-raisers who will target the College's top priorities. "This has been a very important task," he said of the committee's work. "What we've done is to provide a foundation for the future of the institution. Having priorities that will drive the campaign is extraordinarily important."

Arthur Levine, president of Teachers College, said: "We have begun a journey. Through our discourse it has become evident that we are clear about our mission, values and vision for the future and we are determined to build a College for tomorrow that will achieve them."

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