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Macy Gallery Exhibits Works of TC Students: Petrillo and Weldt

TC students Dina Petrillo and Cristina Weldt exhibited their sculptures in the Macy Gallery.

Dina Petrillo, who is working toward her Ed.M. in Arts and Art Education, and Cristina Weldt, who is a master's candidate in the same program, exhibited their sculptures in the Macy Gallery from November 2-13.

Petrillo, who is an art teacher, said: "It took becoming an art teacher to make explicit for me something I had always known tacitly as an artist...that artistic media are vehicles for communicating ideas and that ideas also come out of materials." She worked with clay to produce her sculpture, "Mother Going." The sculpture depicts the loss of her mother to cancer.

As Petrillo worked with the clay, rolling it in large slabs, she gained insight into her relationship with her mother. Petrillo says, "It was through this new way of encountering the clay that I became aware that, indeed, in the medium may be found the message: who my mother was and is to me."

Cristina Weldt was born in Chile, "where you can see the stone formations so close to you," she explained. She uses her native land as a source of inspiration for her sculptures. Weldt said her work "shows organic curves or elongated forms as those we find in nature. I try to capture the essence or the life force of a mountain" and "I do this with great simplicity and minimal details."

The Gallery is located on the fourth floor of Macy Hall and is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For more information about other exhibits taking place during this semester, please call 678-3681 or send your e-mail to

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