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Faculty Technology Lunch

TC community members received more than a free lunch when they showed up at the Faculty Technology Luncheon on October 25th. Between bites, they learned about several exciting new technological developments happening in Milbank Library.

Hal Grossman, Electronic Information Resources Librarian, discussed a useful new feature where users could do full-text Web searches in the ERIC database, the most heavily used research database. It contains over 550 e-journals, some Web only, and potentially replaces microfiche. There are fees associated with obtaining some of the articles.

Jennifer Govan, Assistant Director of Collection & Curriculum Support, presented a wealth of resources and outreach tools in the Model School Library Web site. Located off the Library's home page (directly:, the site, which will official be launched in January of 2001, is a part of a three-year project to give access to resources that the Research Center offers.

Frank Webster, Associate Director of Academic Information Services, showed off a new feature of EDUCAT, the on-line library catalog, which allows users to see and manipulate images. A major concern of the library right now, he said, is what information to be put up in this system.

The Faculty Technology Luncheon committee, which is informally comprised of TC faculty and staff members, launched this year's Technology Lunch series with the projects of Milbank Library, and will continue throughout the semester. An upcoming event is on December 13, in 285 Grace Dodge Hall from noon to 1:30p.m., where Professor John Black will discuss his current research on designs of on-line courses.

"We want to talk about things that are here and now at TC. We don't want to wow each other with what could be done," said Ena Haines, Director of Information Technology. "We want to emphasize teaching and pedagogy."

The lunches are open to all faculty members, instructional and professional staff members. Please send e-mail to if you plan to attend.

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