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The Dow Collection: The Influence of Composition


The Dow Collection: The Influence of Composition

(Untitled, woodblock print, by a TC student circa 1920)

Arthur Wesley Dow arrived at Teachers College as a Professor of Fine Arts in 1904 and stayed until 1922. During his time at TC, he redirected the goals of public art education in the United States and positioned the College at the center of the humanistic tradition in art education that continued through the rest of the century. The exhibit at Macy Gallery in September showed a sampling of the work of Dow's students in the Department of Fine Arts at TC from 1910-1925. It is one of the art collections in the Special Collections of the Milbank Memorial Library. It represents the types of work done under Dow and the group of faculty that he led, who taught various aspects of art. Dow influenced artists that he hired or taught such as: Georgia O'Keefe, Max Webber, Alvin Langdon Coburn and the photographer Clarence White. The exhibition was curated by Macy Gallery Assistant Anthony Mbogho with assistance from Melanie Martin, Conservator and David Ment, Head of Special Collections. Currently, there is a display of photos of Arthur Wesley Dow on the first floor of the Milbank Library.

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