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Developmental Psych Gets Raves

An article in Developmental Review by James P. Byrnes and Carolyn C. McNamara of the University of Maryland (College Park) ranks TC's Developmental Psychology Program in the top one-third of schools in scholarly productivity, grant funding, journal editing and student placement.

"Evaluating Doctoral Programs in the Developmental Sciences" is a comprehensive and data-based analysis of North American doctoral programs in the developmental sciences. Ninety-seven doctoral programs were evaluated with respect to four indices of quality: the productivity of their faculty; grants received by their faculty; the editorial responsibilities of their faculty, and placement of graduates.

The results indicated that the faculty associated with the top third of programs for each index mentioned above were two to three times as active as faculty associated with the lower two-thirds of programs.

The first major finding was that no one program attained the same rank in all four indicators of quality. But several programs were among the top one-third in all four indicators, including Teachers College, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Maryland (College Park), University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Pennsylvania State, Temple University and UCLA.

Also, 16 programs were found to be in the top one-third for at least three criteria but were not listed among the top 16 in U.S. News & World Report, including Teachers College; University of Maryland (College Park); University of Chicago; Temple University; University of Rochester; Arizona State University; University of California (Riverside & Santa Cruz); University of Wisconsin; and Vanderbilt University.

Professor Jeanne Brooks-Gunn was mentioned as a member of the "The Top 5% of Faculty for Productivity." These are individuals who published an average of 33.67 articles, 2.30 books, and 8.98 chapters across seven years.

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