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TC Video Wins CASE Award

The video "Teachers College: Making A Difference," won a bronze medal from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). The video won in the category of General Information Feature.

Fifty-one entries were judged in the competition, and two gold medals and two bronze medals were awarded. (Gold medals were given to Loyola and Michigan State Universities for their videos. No silver medal was awarded.)

The TC video featured segments on the Peace Corps Fellows program, "Digital Dante," and "Music and the Brain." Barry Rosen, Executive Director of External Affairs at TC, developed the concept for the video, story selection, and script development, and supervised the shooting and interviews. Andrew Greenspan was the director/producer of the video.

The video was produced for the 1997 Dodge Medal Dinner. It was intended for an audience not necessarily familiar with the College and its programs. The video focused on TC's involvement in schools and how the practical assistance the College makes real differences in community schools.

There were six judges, four from education and two from media production, a videographer and an audio professional. Pam Gaudiano, Assistant Director of Media Services at Suffolk University in Boston, was one of the judges of the videos. The judges rated each video on budget, production values, objectives, audience, content, storytelling, and message.

Gaudiano said the judges looked at how much the budget was for each video, to figure out the best use of resources. She said that although many of the other videos submitted had larger budgets than the TC video-in one case a budget four times greater-the TC video stood out. This was because of a combination of a good script, planning and production values.

She said the judges were impressed by the production values of the TC video, and saw that "a lot of time was taken between shots." They liked details like incorporating TC's architectural details and shadows on the buildings into shots. They also liked the use of "shadow fading" from one image, an outside building, into an image of a bustling classroom. In addition, they liked the "trackshot" of the opening of the video in a classroom. "It was well-planned, well thought-out, and it worked really well," according to Gaudiano.

"Every shot was really thought out," she said. "You should really be proud of this video."

In addition to impressive production values, the TC video stood out because it had a good story to tell, and told it well. "Right from the opening, you captured the audience. There was a good, warm feeling about the school and it programs. You really got a sense of how TC makes a difference in the schools, and in these students' lives," said Gaudiano.

She said the judges disagreed on some of the submissions, but everyone agreed that the TC video was outstanding. She described the TC video as a "feel-good piece, very sincere."

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