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TC Resources for Those Seeking Redress of Grievances, Conflict Resolution services, or other Support

Any member of the Teachers College community may experience difficulties at work or in personal life for which professional guidance and counseling may be helpful. Some resources are listed below. The list is not necessarily a comprehensive list. Additions and corrections are encouraged.

Personnel Policies: The Office of Personnel Services maintains a Web site which includes several important policies. On the TC Web site under Personnel Services, select from a menu which includes the following statements of policy and procedures:
· Affirmative Action Policies
· Professional Conduct, including Rights, Responsibilities and Guidelines for Professional Conduct for Faculty and Staff at Teachers College, Columbia University
· Sexual Harassment Policy

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Available to all employees of the College (union members, faculty and professional staff), the EAP is managed by an outside professional organization, the Employee Development Center of the Cornell University Medical College. Services are completely private and confidential. You may contact them at:
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Development Center
Cornell Medical Center
136 East 57th Street, Suite 405
New York, NY
(212) 935-3030
Mon. thru Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
If there is an emergency, you can call EDC at any hour, seven days a week. Counselors are on call 24 hours a day.

Columbia University Health Service: Confidential counseling services are available to all students who have paid the Health Service Fee. In addition, as resources permit, special counseling programs and support groups are offered. See the Web site listed below for details.
Columbia University Health Service
Counseling and Psychological Service
John Jay Hall, 4th floor until July 2, 1999
Lerner Hall, 8th floor from July 12, 1999
(212) 854-2468
Web site:
Emergency when the Health Service is not available:
St. Luke's Hospital Center Psychiatric Emergency Room
Amsterdam at 112th Street
(212) 523-3345

Psychological Counselor: A trained counselor is available to any member of the community by appointment. The current counselor, Dr. Henry Kavkewitz, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education, provides confidential interviews by appointment only.
Dr. Henry Kavkewitz
Psychological Counselor
158B Thorndike

Grievance Procedures: Employees are encouraged to resolve work-related conflicts directly with supervisors and/or higher level supervisors. When these efforts fail, employees may use established grievance procedures available to students, union members, professional staff, and faculty.

Students should refer to the Student Handbook for A Guide to Students' Rights and Responsibilities. The Handbook is available from the Student Life Center in Thorndike Lobby. Phone: x3406. Address questions of information and interpretation to:
Dr. William J. Baldwin
Associate Dean
113 Main Hall

Union Members should refer to their respective Union Contracts and Shop Stewards for assistance with grievances.

Professional Staff should refer to the Professional Staff Policy Manual for problem resolution procedures. Beginning with the immediate supervisor and moving progressively to higher levels, staff members may seek to resolve problems. The staff member has the right to have counsel of her/his choosing or be represented by counsel during the process. The professional staff member may submit the problem to the Faculty Advisory Committee.
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