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As summer winds down, thoughts turn from the beach and barbeques to new notebooks and a challenging school year. This year, Tom Jennings, Associate Dean for Teacher Education and Registrar has some advice for incoming and returning students.

He encourages students to read the catalogue and schedule of classes. "Both of these contain all the rules and regulations of Teachers College that help you to earn your degree quickly and efficiently."

The Web site ( is another important place to get up-to-the minute information. The academic calendar is on the site as well as events and lectures around the College. Also, the site allows students to see if classes are open or closed prior to registration.

When registering, Jennings said there are a few points to keep in mind. Make sure that if the desired class requires a prerequisite that you obtain it before registering. Also, students should get identification cards and personal identification numbers or PIN that gives students access to touch-tone registration and Web information. If you need a copy of a schedule or bill, there are terminals located outside of the registrar's office where you use your student identification number to get into the system.

Jennings also advises students on teacher certification. He said to talk to him as early as possible in your academic career at TC regarding certification. That way, both short and long-term goals will help to shape your degree program.

In order to ensure that you graduate on time, you need to register only for courses that are approved by a faculty advisor. Applications for graduation should be filed with the Registrar's office as soon as possible. Jennings said not to wait until you are done with classes. The application date is normally several months before graduation.

All of this important information can be found in detail in the catalogue, schedule of classes and on the Web. However, if you are in doubt, you can always visit the Registrar's office. Jennings said, "It's best to take care of any problems that crop up right away and not to wait to ask for help from an advisor or the Registrar if a course seems inappropriate."

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