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Meet Dangerous Rage of East Side - The Shiny $125 Aluminum Scooter

In recent weeks, kids and adults alike, have been taking to Manhattan's streets on their new aluminum Razor scooters. Selling for anywhere between $99 online and $125 on Upper East Side street corners, the scooters feature a collapsible handlebar, brakes and either red or green wheels, and they can go fast.

"I see it as a retreat from the electronic generation," said Psychology Professor John Broughton, "It gives the illusion of getting back to a safe period before kids brought guns to school. Something about a scooter gives you the impression that the kids won't be in gangs... They symbolize both the separation from and a return to the home."



The article, entitled "Meet Dangerous Rage of East Side-The Shiny $125 Aluminum Scooter" appeared in the May 15th edition of The Observer .

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