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Sage Publication Grows Out of AEGIS Dissertations

This spring, Sage published Collaborative Inquiry in Practice: Action, Reflection, and Making Meaning by John N. Bray, Joyce Lee, Linda L. Smith, and Lyle Yorks. The book grows out of their dissertation work on the use of collaborative inquiry as a method for facilitating adult learning.

Lyle Yorks

Lyle Yorks.


All four co-authors completed their Ed.D. in 1995 working as part of a collaborative inquiry group that also included Annette Zelman. The book is both an invitation and initial guide for people interested in pursuing an imaginative approach to human inquiry.

Collaborative Inquiry (CI) is especially appropriate for constructing new meaning regarding questions that are professionally developmental, socially controversial, require personal or social healing, or explore inner experience.

These categories are of course not mutually exclusive. The overarching framework of collaborative inquiry is that it provides a liberating structure that creates a social space where the participants can address these kinds of potentially transformative learning issues. As such, CI stands in contrast to highly structured learning events directed toward purely instrumental ends.

John Bray is a high school teacher and staff development specialist in northern New York State. Linda Smith is a consultant and adjunct faculty member at George Washington University. Joyce Lee is an Associate Professor of Education at California State University at Fullerton. Lyle Yorks is Associate Professor of Education at TC.

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