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One of Teachers College's most important priorities is enhancing the amount of its scholarship funds. TC has an enduring tradition of attracting and admitting the nation's most qualified students, regardless of their ability to finance their education.

Students often arrive at TC with a significant amount of debt from their undergraduate institutions and, without financial assistance, leave with an even more burdensome debt load. This is compounded by the fact that a third of our students go into teaching, which is not a highly paid profession.

Through the capital campaign, TC is committed to addressing this issue by providing a greater number of students with critical financial assistance.

We thank the following donors for providing invaluable scholarship support to our most precious resource-our students.

Anthropology Research Fund

Arts Administration Intern Program

Barnes Foundation Scholarship

Paul E. Blackwood Scholarship

Flossie T. Bruyning Scholarship

Diana Brewster Clark Fellowship

John and Caroline H. Clark Scholarship in Elementary Math

Frances P. Connor Scholarship

W.E.B. Du Bois Scholarship

John F. Fanselow Scholarship Fund

Julie Louise Franck Fellowship Fund

Ron G. Galbraith Memorial Scholarship

Miriam L. Goldberg Fund

Irwin Goldstein Scholarship Fund

Antonia Grumbach Scholarship Fund

Leland B. Jacobs Scholarship

The Jaffe Scholarship Fund

Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women Scholars

Joseph Klingenstein Fellowship Program

Robert Lehman Foundation Scholarship Fund (Art & Art Educ.)

Evangeline Maginnis Scholarship Fund

Tess Magsaysay and Ken Boxley Scholarship Fund

Jack Mezirow Scholarship for Social Action

Enid W. Morse Fellowship for Teaching in the Arts

Edward Mysak Memorial Fund

James Neff Tutorial Program

Carol Neilson Wilder Memorial

The Nicholson Family Scholarship

Department of Nursing Education Scholarships

A. Harry Passow Fellowship Fund

Peace Corps Fellows Program

Orrea F. Pye Fellowship Fund

Elihu Rose Fellowship

Dr. Shirley A. Sacks Scholarship Fund

Margaret Jo Shepherd Scholarship

The Scholarship Fund for Special Education

Walter E. Sindlinger Memorial Fund

Speech Pathology and Audiology Scholarship

Olive M. Swigart Scholarship Fund

Cornelia Tomes Scholarship Fund

TC Student Council World Friendship Fund

Teacher Opportunity Corps Scholarship

Gladys Young Uhlir and Gladys Ann Uhlir Scholarship Fund

Helen M. Walker Scholarship Fund

Ruth M. and Julius Wile Endowment Fund

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