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Management Network Discusses Budget '99

The Management Network Group discussed the results of a survey of departments regarding their views on major budget-related constraints, as well as opportunities for enhancing revenues and decreasing costs.

Rather than looking at the issues raised by the survey from the point of view of each department, the group was asked by Diarah N'Daw-Spech, Budget Manager, to think about the issues from the perspective of the College as a whole.

Discussions centered on determining the priorities of the College itself, to decide where the money should be going.

The question arose about whether the enrollment was expected to increase, which would determine the need for more classroom space or expanding the College in some other way, such as through satellite campuses.

The issue of space also sparked discussions about the use of office space, and determining the needs and ideal location of each department.

By using office space more efficiently, it was suggested that any additional areas could be used for seminars.

The matter of staffing was brought up, including benefits, work-study budgets and staff development.

Possible ways to save money were suggested, such as staff members opting not to use full benefits if they don't need them, or cost-sharing retiree health-care benefits.

"It is important that everyone move together on this," said Fred Schnur, Vice President for Finance and Administration.

"The cabinet is beginning to discuss variables such as tuition increase, rent, renovation and repair, the sources of revenues and the important issues submitted by the community."

According to Schnur, the results of the survey discussions and any back-up material are being submitted to the senior cabinet for review, after which a public hearing will take place sometime in early November, to release a summation to the College community.

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