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The TC Makeover

When the cafeteria and the second floor of Grace Dodge Hall were refurbished, the difference was noticeable. Not all renovations are. "When we make changes and improvements to the College, people aren't always aware of everything we are doing," said Vincent Del Bagno, Director of Facilities, Safety and Security.

One renovation priority at TC is to upgrade the buildings to be as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. "We are redesigning signage to better inform people with disabilities on campus about accessible restrooms and doorways," Del Bagno said. In addition to signage, renovations have included the modernization of some restrooms to ADA requirements in Grace Dodge Hall, Main Hall and Horace Mann Hall and the addition of two van-accessible parking spaces in the Thorndike parking area.

On the main campus, several classrooms, lecture rooms and computer training rooms are being revamped. Rooftop air conditioning units in Grace Dodge Hall were replaced, and designs and bids for roof reconstruction of Grace Dodge, Russell and Horace Mann Halls are being taken now for work in Spring 1998. At that time, facades will be inspected and repaired as well.

The new iron gates at the Horace Mann entrance were put in place to increase security. "In making it more secure, we are also paying attention to the safety needs to allow a quick exit in an emergency," Del Bagno explained. Making people aware of doorways available after hours to be used in an emergency and providing signage with directions to those doorways is being implemented.

Work is also in progress or completed in residence halls for asbestos removal, lead paint control, improved lighting, new fire alarm systems, exterior masonry inspection and repair, and boiler stack removal and redesign. Del Bagno also noted that Whittier Hall is in the process of receiving improved hot water and heat. He added, "We want to pay attention to students' housing needs from an aesthetic and safety standpoint in addition to meeting the needs of the main campus."

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