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Up-To-Date Personnel Information on the Web

Everything you wanted to know about the Office of Personnel Services but were afraid to ask is on the TC website.

Once you are at the site at, click on "Administration" and then "Human Resources Personnel" to find information regarding policies and procedures, benefits, training and development, employee relations, labor negotiations and other human resource services. The site also lists current job openings at both TC and Columbia University.

Under "Policies and Procedures," for example, the site lists descriptions of policies on affirmative action, inclement weather, professional conduct, sexual harassment and smoking. The "Benefits" category includes summaries of benefits for full-time faculty members and professional staff. You can find descriptions on health insurance, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, retirement plans, time off, tuition exemption and the Employee Assistance Program.

The job listings provide a choice of job titles to click on, which when selected display a job description with qualifications necessary and contact information. For support staff positions, salary level is also listed.

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