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Where Are They Now? A Listing of Departmental Hubs

The reorganization of Teachers College academic areas has recently resulted in new locations for some of the nine new departments. The new locations represent "hubs" for the departments. In the months to come, most faculty offices will be moved to areas around the hubs.

Here is a listing of the department hub offices and the department chairs, associates and secretaries:

The Arts and Humanities hub is located on the fourth floor of Macy Hall. Judith Burton, department chair, has her office in 445B Macy; Betsy Currier, department associate, is in office 444A; Virginia Deering, department secretary, is in 444B.

The hub for Biobehavioral Studies is on the 11th floor of Thorndike. John Saxman, department chair, and Maria Lamadrid, department associate, are both in 1159. The office for Yvonne Wallace, department secretary, is 323 Thompson.

The Counseling and Clinical Psychology hub is located on the fourth floor of Horace Mann. Peter Cairo, cochair of the department, is in 432A; Robin Engels, department associate, is in 428A; Elinor King, department secretary, is in 428. Barry Farber, the other cochair of the department, still has his office in 420 Main Hall.

The Curriculum and Teaching hub is in a suite of offices at 306 Main. Celia Genishi, department chair, Aimee Fregeau, department associate, and Tekoa Jane Hill, department secretary, are all there.

The hub for Health and Behavioral Studies is on the fifth floor of Thorndike. Charles Basch, department chair, is in 531A; Bob Tucker, department associate, is in 529K; and Marsha Streeter, department secretary, is in 531.

The Human Development hub is in a suite of offices at 453 Grace Dodge. Jane Monroe and Herbert Ginsburg, department cochairs, Diane Katanik, department associate, and Ana Najar, department secretary, are all there.

The hub for International and Transcultural Studies is located at 364 Grace Dodge, the office for both Clifford Hill, department chair, and Dianne Sadnytzky, department associate.

The Organization and Leadership hub is on the second floor of Main. Warner Burke, department chair, is located at 206A, and Craig Richards, associate chair, in in 212A. Jan Owen, department associate, is in 206B, and Jennifer Ballard, department secretary, is in 206C.

The hub for Scientific Foundations is in 226 Thompson. Charles Harrington, department chair, Lori Jones, department associate, and Julie Hartley-Moore, department secretary, all have their offices there.

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