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Asian Students Face Financial Difficulties

With the economic crisis in Asia and devaluation in currency exchange rates, many Asian students at TC are having financial problems. Some will only receive half the value of their money as they received last spring.

Marion Boultbee, Coordinator of International Student and Scholar Services, predicts a decline in international student enrollment in September.

"Our top priority is that students in their final semester are able to complete their degrees," Boultbee said.

Asian students who arrived in September are having particular difficulty because immigration laws prohibit employment off campus until May.

They can, however, work on campus in non-work-study jobs for up to 20 hours a week.

Korean students, who make up 20 percent of the international student population at TC, are particularly hard hit because the Korean wan is valued at half of what it was only a few months ago.

"I want to raise awareness in the TC community so everyone will think of ways to help," Boultbee said. "It is not the first group of international students going through a crisis, but we can provide support and be aware of stress on this student population."

Anyone who has a possible job opportunity for a student should contact the Personnel Office.

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