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President and Dean Present the State of the College Address

"Fall convocation is the time to pat ourselves on the back," President Arthur Levine said in his annual address to the College community. The reason, he said, is that as a College, we have accomplished a great deal in making our dreams a reality. We have a vision of what we want TC to be, programs to make that vision a reality, and visibility for TC to make an impact.

Levine stressed that through departmental reorganization, planning for the future, transforming continuing education and creating new institutes, TC is working to educate the next generation of leaders, educate today's leaders, and help shape social policy.

Visibility has been a positive influence in TC's success, Levine noted, with U.S. News and World Report ranking the College as the number one graduate school of education in the country for two consecutive years.

Financially, the budget has allowed TC to increase the work force in understaffed areas and to initiate a staff evaluation program to determine future departmental needs. School size increased, which resulted in greater revenue. There has also been a large increase in foundation giving.

"The challenge," he said, "is to hold onto the dreams and not succumb to business as usual." Since this is our moment, we need to focus on the important issues that still need to be addressed. Some of the issues he outlined include attracting the best in faculty, staff and students, developing services, and making plant improvements.

"Our dreams are large and there is a commitment on the part of this community to translate those dreams into reality," Levine explained. To do this, he added, the College needs a successful Capital Campaign.

In her address, Dean Zumwalt noted that this is the 111th year of classes at TC, and the College has more than 100 new students. Classroom space will be tight, she said, but adjustments will be made.

Departments are assessing current programs and developing new ones for a five-year plan which will be reviewed in the spring. Departments are then expected to advise the newly formed Financial Priorities Committee on what they need from the Capital Campaign to achieve their goals.

The Dean added that the five-year Spencer Research Training Grant, which provides $1 million to TC, will be spent mostly on financial aid. It will finance awards to 12 doctoral students to study full time for three years. A request for proposals from faculty for research projects that would provide apprenticeships for these students is being sent out. The winning proposals will be announced in December and the students completing their first year in the spring will be invited to apply for the apprenticeships. Also, a full-time pre-award grants officer is being sought to facilitate faculty grant activities.

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