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Food Services Receives a Facelift

Already replete with atmosphere and character unlike the typical college dining hall, the new layout and decor of the TC cafeteria would impress even Martha Stewart. It is designed to improve service, workability, and style.

An exhibition kitchen inside the serving area is the most obvious improvement. "We were trying to get out of the kitchen in the basement because we knew it was old and inefficient," said Armand Rumayor, director of food services at the College. Before the renovation, half the kitchen was in the serving area and half was in the basement. The new kitchen has modern equipment geared to food preparation for the 1990's, according to Rumayor. Customers can now see and smell what the chefs are cooking and talk to the chefs as they pass through.

The dining room walls have been painted white and the tables refinished. New chairs will soon be added to complete the remodeling.

Rumayor stressed that the administration put a lot of effort into making the improvements. "It took us two years to create this," he said. "We wanted to make sure it would be done right. It has been done right." He says they wanted to create an atmosphere less like an institutional-style food service and more like that of an eatery. Another reason for all the improvements, according to Rumayor, is the increasing amount of hospitality catering done through the College, which required a much more efficient food preparation set-up.

A grand opening is scheduled for sometime in October, with pasta and stir-fry bars and other exhibition-style cooking.

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