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Sneak Peek at the Future Milbank Chapel


Sneak Peek at the Future Milbank Chapel

Rendering of Milbank Chapel by Mitchell/Giorgola Architects.

You might be wondering what the Milbank Chapel will look like when the renovations are finished. To help the TC Community visualize the changes, Mitchell/Giorgola Architects provided a rendering (pictured at right).

As part of the TC Master Plan, the Chapel is being renovated to restore and preserve its architectural beauty. The renovation will keep the Chapel's neo-Gothic character minimizing changes to its appearance and restoring its Clayton and Bell of London stained glass windows.

The architects are upgrading the lecture and performance space with state of the art video projection equipment, high quality audio systems and lighting as well as a new heating, ventilating and air conditioning system. It will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and include a wheelchair lift.

The Chapel has been a prominent venue on the Teachers College campus since its completion in 1897. Unchanged since that time, the Chapel, designed to seat 200 people, housed lectures and performing arts. The renovations are expected to be completed this summer.

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