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Stress Management Fair


Stress Management Fair

Stress Management Fair

For a project in Professor of Nursing Education Kathleen O'Connell's "Determinance of Health Behavior" class, her students planned, put together, and staffed the Stress Management Fair.

They were assigned to do something that would benefit the health of the people at TC after a Health Information Needs Asssessment done by the Spring class suggested that other students rated highly the need for stress management information.

Pictured at left are some of the members of the class in front of one of the many tables at the fair. Standing: Jennifer Vimbor, Shonu Pande,Teri Faraone, Julie Avina, Liza Greenberg, Ann Pettigrew, Kathleen O'Connell (professor), Beatrice Bridglall. Sitting: Debra Glaser, Jessica Adams-Skinner.

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