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Bill Manning: Portraits of The Union


A Bill Manning union portrait.

A Bill Manning union portrait.

Through his photography, Bill Manning gives us the slices of life that tell about ourselves, our community and beyond.

"The Union: Portraits and Prints," is an exhibit at Macy Gallery from February 3rd through 14th of Manning's photography featuring many people from the TC Community. Manning, who is a Sergeant in the TC Security Guard and a member of the TC family since 1983, has been drawing ever since he was a child. While growing up in Harlem in the 1950s, his family stressed education, art, music and sports. He applies his artistic talents to all of these things.

"Any piece of my art will be a bit ‘imperfect' because I don't think life is perfect," he said. "As I grew up, my understanding of life began to make a little more sense as I realized that perfection is fleeting. But, you get close to it when you create art, when you allow forces to guide your eyes, hands, and mind."

Graeme Sullivan, Associate Professor of Art Education, found out about Manning's art while talking with him one day. Putting together this exhibit is a way to let others in the TC community into the conversation, said Sullivan. "The Union: Portraits and Prints" is more than just moments captured in time. They lead the viewer to places that he or she might not have expected to go-to the past or the future.

"What Bill Manning's photographic portraits do is to let you know in no uncertain terms that those pictured are in control," said Sullivan. "The eyes that meet the viewer's gaze speak of a self-confidence in a way that doesn't need a caption. Comfortably held in surroundings that carry signs of everyday life these images tell us who people are-we don't have to ask."

This art of the community project is a unique collaboration with Graeme Sullivan, the Macy Gallery and the President's Office of Diversity and Community recognizing and celebrating the artistic talents of one of TC's community members. Such recognition and celebration allows members of the community to step outside of their roles at the college and share glimpses of the talents that contribute to the making of the whole person.

Manning's exhibit runs from February 3rd to Februray 14th at the Macy Gallery. The opening reception is February 7 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This exhibit was made possible through the support of TC's Office of Diversity and Community and the Department of Arts and Humanities.previous page