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New Student Orientation


Alice Wilder

Alice Wilder

This year's orientation included remarks from Arthur Levine, President of TC; Darlyne Bailey, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College; Ryan Colthorp, Chairperson of the Student Senate; and TC Alumna Alice Wilder. Wilder (pictured), who received her M.A. in 1992 in Educational Psychology and her Ed.D. in 1998 in Educational Psychology, gave advice to incoming students on how to navigate through their studies and the importance of making contacts in the education field.

She used the knowledge she gained at TC to help create Nickelodeon Jr's Blue Clues, a children's television show, in 1995. The show received the Parent's Gold Choice Award and was nominated for the 1997 Cable Ace Award, and Emmy for Outstanding Preschool Program in 1998 and 2002. The program won the Television Critics Award for Outstanding Children's show in 1998 and 1999.

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