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Edgar Schein Addresses TC Metro NYC Alumni Club

Management expert Edgar Schein, who is the Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus and Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, spoke at a reception at the Columbia Club on November 21st. More than 200 alumni, faculty and students were in attendance.

Schein's research has covered subjects ranging from the study of brainwashing of POWs to studying management development and organizational socialization, among others. He has been a consultant to organizations around the world on culture, organizational development and careers. He is considered one of the founders of the field of organizational psychology.

His presentation to the Metro NY Alumni Club focused on his work with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), which is one of the leading producers of workstations, servers, and high-end PCs. DEC also developed one of the leading Internet search engines, called Alta Vista. They were eventually taken over by Compaq.

He discussed what contributed to the success of that corporation and what lead to its eventual downfall.

The event was the result of the dedicated efforts of the professional development chair of the Metro NYC Alumni Club, Adam Vane, M.A. 2000 in Organizational Psychology. It is one of a series of events presented by the Metro NYC Alumni Club, which included last spring's panel discussion on urban education, which attracted more than 200 TC alumni and friends and of the College.

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