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Columbia Community Service's 56th Annual Appeal


56th Annual Appeal

56th Annual Appeal

During World War II, the Columbia University Committee for War Relief made critical contributions to the United War Fund and the American Red Cross. After the war, the group began to focus on helping the local community surrounding the University, leading to the formation of Columbia Community Service (CCS). Since its inception in 1946, CCS has helped countless people in the Columbia area. CCS is a voluntary organization with no portion of its contributions used for administrative costs or salaries.

CCS supports community-based organizations to provide a variety of services-from emergency relief for those that need it most to ongoing programs for those well on their way to better lives. In the wake of government cutbacks, the need for private contributions is greater than ever.

The 56th Annual Appeal campaign is a means for the faculty and staff of the Columbia community to support soup kitchens, job training, after-school programs and more. With the University covering administrative costs, contributions go directly to services and are tax deductible.

Chairs of the CCS 56th Annual Appeal include Lee C. Bollinger, Chair and President of Columbia University; Arthur Levine, Co-Chair and President of Teachers College; Judith R. Shapiro, Co-Chair and President of Barnard College; Martha C. Howell, Co-Chair and Professor of History; Patricia L. Francy, Co-Chair Treasurer and Controller of the University.

A contribution to CCS can help to provide scholarships for needy children at day-care centers and after-school programs; essential support for neighborhood soup kitchens; shelter for the homeless; programs for senior citizens; safe playground equipment; rehabilitative art programs for traumatically injured children; and support for numerous other nonprofit agencies. Last year's appeal raised $230,000, which was delivered to more than 50 non-profit agencies.

CCS Grant Recipients from 2001-2002 included Cathedral Community Cares Soup Kitchen, Friends of Morningside Park, Playing to Win, and Harlem Live. previous page