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Following is a list of full-time staff hired, promoted or transferred since the last newsletter.

Amoon-Hickey, Mary. Information Processing Assistant (transfer), Development and External Affairs, x3392.

Bello, Emily. Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean, x3050.

Cragg, Kim. Planned Giving Assistant, Development and External Affairs, x3756.

Davenport, Krystyna. Special Events Coordinator (promotion), Development and External Affairs, x8147.

Denbo, Jennifer. Administrative Coordinator, JM Huber Institute for Learning and Organization, x3366.

Gallegos, Barbara. Assistant to the Director, Reading and Writing Project, x3673.

Hightower, Robin. Fieldwork Coordinator, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, x3320.

Holly, Veronica. Manager of Administrative Services (promotion), National Center for Children and Families, x3338.

Karp, Melinda. Senior Research Assistant (promotion), Institute on Education and the Economy, x3430.

Khan, Bob. Director of Desktop, LAN, and Classroom Technology, Computing and Information Services, x3233.

Kupinse, Jennifer. Interim Director (promotion), Distance Learning Project, x3810.

Vazquez, Danny. Shipper/Receiver, Administrative Services, x3721.

Yun, Cathy. Academic Secretary, Math, Science and Technology, x3344.

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