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"Art Against War" Exhibit in Macy Gallery


Anti-war posters adn videos are on view at the Macy Gallery.

Anti-war posters adn videos are on view at the Macy Gallery.

When this country was faced with the issue of war, Frank Shifreen knew that he could use art to express his and others' feelings about what was going on.

"Art Against War," an exhibit with posters and multimedia will be on exhibit in two locations from June 9th to 27th: the Macy Gallery at Teachers College and the NY Arts Space at 450 Broadway. In addition, there are Web site exhibitions on and This show features several of Shifreen's works as well as works by Sherry Mayo, David Garfinkel, Associate Professor of Art Education Graeme Sullivan and Associate Professor of Psychology and Education John Broughton, plus 30 posters from 14 countries. The prints in the exhibit come from as far away as France, China and Mexico.

"It was exciting to work on preparing this exhibition under the expert guidance of Frank and Graeme, and to see the diversity and high quality of the work, said Broughton. "The mixture of image, text, and video, of documentary and art, creates a unique new space here in the gallery, a vivid immersion in the recent peace activities, in which TC played a small but significant role. It's exciting that instructors and professors have been bringing their classes here this week for various kinds of educational purposes. It's a hard act to follow."

The exhibit was organized and curated by Shifreen with the Peace Education Program and the Drinkink Collective, an experimental arts education collective that explores the convergence of aesthetics and technology and the impact it has on human understanding and community awareness. It is composed of faculty and graduate students from TC.

"Even though the war is over in the minds of the administration, in our minds it is not," said Shifreen. "Now our soldiers are there in a troubled country. We can support the soldiers, but not the administration that sent them there."

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