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TC's First Retiree Luncheon


Participants in the first Retiree Luncheon on June 12th.

Participants in the first Retiree Luncheon on June 12th.

More than 50 people came from as far as Puerto Rico, South Carolina and Florida to attend the TC's first Retiree Luncheon on June 12th. Many of the attendees agreed that it was nice to get together and feel like a family again.

"We wanted to reach out to make retirees feel a part of the TC Community," said Sarah Phillips, TC's Employment Manager, who was part of the planning committee. "The luncheon helped them to see what TC is up to."

The event began at noon with greetings from Janice Robinson, Special Counsel to the President, Office of Diversity and Community, and Darlyne Bailey, Acting President. Bailey mentioned that when she walks the grooved steps of TC, she thinks of the thousands of people that walked there before her. Each one of them has helped to make TC what it is today. She said that she is proud to have met some of those people at this luncheon.

Then, Mary Culleton and Maggie Arrington, who came up with the idea for the luncheon, gave the statement of purpose and handed out surveys to the group about starting an ongoing Retiree Association. Arrington came up with the idea because she missed her retired co-workers at TC.

After lunch, Phillips gave closing remarks and invited the current TC community to join the party. They left an open mike for the participants to tell what has been going on in their lives, followed by a TC tour.

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