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TC Student Senate's First Annual Faculty Recognition Ceremony

The First Annual Faculty Recognition Ceremony was held by TC's Student Senate in May. At that ceremony, the Senate recognized faculty and staff in different departments for their on-going support of and contributions to student excellence, student life and issues, and TC Student Senate. "It was a privilege for Senate to have the opportunity to thank those who contribute significantly to lives of students here at TC," said Lauren Wells, Director of Public Affairs of the Student Senate.

The people recognized were:
Darlyne Bailey, Acting President
Thee Barlow, Alumni Advisor, TC Student Senate
Elaine Brantley, Cashier, Sage Dining Services
Kevin Dougherty, Associate Professor, Organization and Leadership
Joe Gilchrist, Superintendent Residence, Facilities/Seth Low
Jay Huebert, Associate Professor, Organization and Leadership
Richard Keller, Director, Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities
Kathleen O'Connell, Professor, Health and Behavior
Janice Robinson, Special Counsel to the President/Office of Diversity and Community
Fred Schnur, Vice President, Finance and Administration
Fran Schoonmaker, Professor, Curriculum and Teaching
Thomas Sobol, Professor, Organization and Leadership

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