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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

This section is a tribute to recently deceased alumni. Listed by class are those whose names were provided through family notices or newspaper clippings. Please write or e-mail TC Today to submit information to the editors. This edition covers October 2002 through April 2003.


Ellison, Thelma, H., M.A., The Arts in Ed


Nixon, Maudine, S., M.A., Philosophy the Social Sci


Hopkins, Robert, E., M.A., Physical Ed


Gamble, Grace, M.A., Lang, Lit Soc Studies

Smith, Reuel, B., B.S., Science Ed


Curtis, Adrienne, C., M.A., Lang, Lit Soc Studies

Donaldson, Dorothea, E., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

McBride, William, B., M.A., Music Music Ed

Staael, Nora, B., M.A., Physical Ed


Ames, Wendell, D., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

McCrum, Miriam, E., B.S., Lang, Lit Soc Studies

Ruthart, Robert, H., M.A., Educational Admin

Therese, Miriam, M.A., Teaching of Soc Studies


Strayer, George, D., Ph.D., Educational Admin; M.A., 1928


Bates, Jean, W., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Flapan, Edna, L., M.A., Music Music Ed

Heard, Marian, G., M.A., The Arts in Ed

Rozendaal, Katherine, S., M.A., Teaching of Soc Studies

Smith, George, B., Ph.D., Educational Admin


Goodsole, Margaret, G., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Jarmon, Hattie, M.A., Educational Admin


Borkey, Florence, M.A., Music Music Ed

Girard, Cosmas, F., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Hawley, George, M.A., Teaching of Soc Studies


Alber, Olga, M.A., Business Ed

Belanger, Evelyn, G., M.A., Lang, Lit Soc Studies

Hill, Wilma, J., M.A., Business Ed

Otto, Leota, S., M.A., Nutrition Ed

Self, Emily, W., M.A., Philosophy the Social Sci

Weckwerth, Charles, F., M.A., Physical Ed


Cockburn, Catherine, W., M.A., Educational Admin

Cornaby, Floyd, V., M.A., Art Art Ed

Greenhall, Elizabeth, Jones, M.A., The Arts in Ed; B.S., 1936

Knust, Maude, M.A., Curriculum Teaching


Cain, Omega, C., M.A., Business Ed

Hanger, Sadie, W., M.A., Science Ed; B.S., 1926

McVickar, Carol, B., M.A., The Arts in Ed

Nowak, Edward, G., M.A., Music Music Ed

Welds, Maurice, Wilson, M.A., Teaching of Soc Studies


Kroner, Marie, J., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Meadows, Elinor, S., M.A., The Arts in Ed

Rassiga, William, A., M.A., Science Ed


Adams, Henderson, L., Ph.D., Math Science Ed; M.A., 1940

Cunningham, Helen, L., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Dearlove, Hughes, P., M.A., Educational Admin

Dorward, Florence, G., M.A., Family Community Ed

Johnson, Lillian, A., M.A., Philosophy the Social Sci

Llewellyn, A., M.A., Music Music Ed

Shoemaker, Francis, Ph.D., Lang, Lit Soc Studies

Storer, Lois, Virginia, M.A., Teaching of French


Rondileau, Adrian, Ph.D., Clinical Psych; M.A., 1934

Weber, Frances, Carlin, M.A., Business Ed; B.S., 1942


Foose, Morgan, E., M.A., Business Ed


Hill, Dorothy, M., M.A., Physical Ed

Neuner, Elizabeth, M.A., Educational Admin

Taff, Marie, A., M.A., Curriculum Teaching


Bowie, B., Lucile, M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Hoffman, Marjorie, M.A., Speech Communication

Lindsey, Margaret, Ed.D., Curriculum Teaching

MacCrea, Blanche, F., M.A., Lang, Lit Soc Studies

McComb, Marjorie, H., B.S., Nursing Ed

Oddsen, Renetta, R., M.A., Curriculum Teaching


Archambault, Roland, S., M.A., Math Science Ed

Conklin, Dorothea, M., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Ferguson, Evelyn, B., M.A., Nursing Ed; B.S., 1936

Hallahan, Isabelle, A., M.A., Home Ec/Household Arts

McFall, Maxine, M.A., Special Ed

Pleim, Anne, M.A., The Arts in Ed

Samson, Ethel, W., M.A., Nutrition Ed

Webster, Jean, Coffey, M.A., Nursing Ed

Wilton, Elizabeth, M.A., Educational Admin

Wincenc, Joseph, M.A., Music Music Ed


Beever, Florence, May, M.A., Business Ed

Fox, Marian, F., B.S., Nursing Ed

Gold, Milton, J., Ed.D., Teaching of English

Hatten, Harry, H., M.A., Educational Admin

Walsh, Marion, J., M.A., Family Community Ed


Bickell, Elizabeth, M.A., Curriculum Teaching, B.S., 1947

Dahlburg, Madeline, B., M.A., Music Music Ed

Gilmartin, John, J., M.A., Physical Ed; B.S., 1948

Hodson, Cornelia, Hanson, M.A., Business Ed

Lucas, Catherine, P., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Ridenour, C., E., M.A., Music Music Ed

Stokes, Gertrude, Ann, M.A., Nursing Ed

Tourtillott, Eleanor, A., M.A., Nursing Ed; B.S., 1948


Bessel, Jeanette, F., B.S., The Arts in Ed

Gower, S., Jean, M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Lyerly, J., Wilford, M.A., Philosophy the Social Sci

Mensinger, John, F., M.A., Science Ed

Mintz, Cleo, Edwards, M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Morrison, Robert, E., M.A., Teaching of Soc Studies

Phenix, Philip, H., Ph.D., Philosophy the Social Sci


Cain, Edmund, J., Ed.D., Curriculum Teaching; M.A., 1948; B.S., 1947

Hubler, Julius, Ed.D., The Arts in Ed; M.A., 1946

Knapp, Kenneth, E., M.A., Speech Dramatics

Mattimore, Josephine, M.S., Educational Admin

Overbey, John, W., Ed.D., Business Ed

Peavy, Barbara, A., M.A., Family Community Ed

Penniman, George, M., M.A., Lang, Lit Soc Studies

Shanley, Josephine, Marie, M.A., B.S., Nursing Ed

Staton, Mary, Lois, M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Tompkins, Sydney, W., Prof. Diploma, Math Science Ed; M.A., 1946


Koonce, Ray, M.A., Philosophy the Social Sci

Liggett, Virginia, M.A., Philosophy the Social Sci

Miller, Carroll, L., Ed.D., Educational Admin

Riconda, Harry, M.A., Educational Admin

Spaeth, Ruth, M., M.A., Family Community Ed


Oole, Eugenia, M., Ed.D., Curriculum Teaching

Schanlaub, Mabel, M., B.S., Curriculum Teaching

Stukes, Lillian, H., M.A., Curriculum Teaching


Akin, Clayton, L., Ed.D., Educational Admin

Baxley, Willis, A., M.A., Educational Admin

Edmundson, William, D., Ed.D., Educational Admin

Pruette, Dean, B., Ed.D., Educational Admin


Cordom, Anitsa, Nussis, M.A., Physical Ed

Davis, Paris, L., M.A., Music Music Ed


Parker, Audrey, M., Ed.D., Higher Education; M.A., 1947

Scully, Grace, M., Ed.D., Higher Education

Swartz, Marilyn, H., M.A., Curriculum Teaching


Bucher, Arlene, K., M.A., Curriculum Teaching

Ellis, Sue, Carter, M.A., Teaching of Soc Studies

Gower, Emily, C., M.A., Guidance

Noonan, Catherine, L., M.A., Curriculum Teaching


Beal, Dallas, Knight, Ed.D., Educational Admin

Cameron, Marguerite, E., Prof. Diploma, Educational Admin

Stobo, Elizabeth, C., Ed.D., Nursing Ed

; M.A., 1954; B.A., 1941

Tompkins, Sydney, W., Ed.D., Math Science Ed


Alcee, Elma, Therese, Prof. Diploma, Music Music Ed; M.A., 1954

Avato, Cosmo, J., Ed.D., Educational Admin

Baumgardner, Kenneth, W., Ed.D., Music Music Ed

Hewlett, Geraldine, W., M.A., Special Ed

Lamitie, Robert, E., Ed.D., Educational Admin


Larson, Laura, M.A., Nursing Ed

Mason, Nellie, S., Prof. Diploma, Business Ed; M.A., 1939


Yulo, Frank, R., Ed.D., Educational Admin; M.A., 1958


Marshall, Warren, M.A., Special Ed


Rosenthal, Lester, H., Ed.D., Science Ed; M.A., 1950


Baxley, Willis, A., Prof. Diploma, Educational Admin; M.A., 1954

Jordan, Gladys, E., Ed.D., Nutrition Ed; M.S., 1955

Knapp, Kenneth, E., Ed.D., Speech Communication; Prof. Diploma, Speech Dramatics, 1952


Bowden, Marjorie, M.A., Family Community Ed

Chamberlain, Ellen, F., M.A., Counseling Psych


Simmons, Clarence, M., Prof. Diploma, Music Music Ed; M.A., 1951


Bruel, Robert, O., Ed.D., Family Community Ed

Graham, Margaret, S., Prof. Diploma, Special Ed


Davies, Judith, N., M.A., Hearing Impairment

Gorman, M., Leah, Ed.D., Nursing Ed; M.A., 1956


Bartner, Saura, M.A., Physical Ed

Erickson, Eva, H., Ed.D., Nursing Ed; Prof Diploma, 1962; B.S., 1939

Scherer, Frederick, C., Ed.D., Educational Admin; Prof. Diploma, 1963; M.A., 1960


Allen, Doris, Ann, Ed.D., Applied Linguistics; M.A, 1971; M.A., Teaching of English, 1964

Prevost, Normand, M.A., Special Ed

Williams, Clarence, S., M.A., Music Music Ed; B.S., 1951


Farley, John, Joseph, Ed.M., Counseling Psych

Jannuzzelli, Gerald, J., Ed.M., Music Music Ed

Leggett, Stanton, Ph.D., Educational Admin; M.A., 1939

Miller, Edith, B., M.A., Clinical Psych


Frankle, Reva, T., Ed.D., Nutrition Ed; M.S., 1963


Kullberg, John, F., Ed.D., Higher Adult Ed

Lightner, Helen, Ed.D., Music Music Ed; M.A., 1944


Lee, David, Robert, Ed.D., Educational Admin; Ed.M., 1972


Noonan, Catherine, L., Ed.D., Curriculum Teaching; M.A., 1957


Cosse, Webster, James, Ph.D., Counseling Psych; M.Phil., 1983

Tibbetts, George, R., Ed.D., Music Music Ed; Ed.M., 1976


Klein, Harry, Ph.D., Clinical Psych; M.S., 1978

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