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Dean’s Grants Announced

The recipients of the Dean's Grant for Student Research were announced in early fall. Those students who were eligible to apply (M.A., M.S., Ed.M, or Doctoral) were required to present proposals on or about the initiation or completion of a research project that has educational implications for the field.

Students who were awarded the grants will receive $2,000 for a one-year period. Submissions of proposals were due during the spring of 2003.


Jennifer Cuddapah of the Curriculum and Teaching department will be studying first-year teachers through the lens of Mezirow's Transformative Learning Theory.

Tracy Johnson will study students in Thailand of Hmong descent. She plans to investigate the effects of Indigenous or Multicultural Curricula and how it determines school choice in this population.

Kate Menken will apply her Dean's Grant toward the study of "High Stakes Testing and Language Policy: Implications for English Language Learners." Menken and Johnson are students in the International and Transcultural Studies Department.

Elvis Wagner from the Arts and Humanities Department will explore "The Use of Video on Second Language Listening Assessment."

Another recipient of the Dean's Grant, Jennifer Weiner, will study "Assessments with Lesbian Clients," with a focus on counselor trainees. Weiner is from the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology.

Finally, Terri Wilson will study "How Teachers and Immigrant Parents Conceptualize their Work to Build School-Community Partnerships." Wilson will work with the Jane Addams School for Democracy. She studies in the Arts and Humanities Department.

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