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Scholarship Presented at Elaine Brantley Memorial


Virginia Stolarski (right) presents the scholarship to Eboné Chemise Brantley at her mother

Virginia Stolarski (right) presents the scholarship to Eboné Chemise Brantley at her mother's memorial service.

Members of the Teachers College Community gathered in late November to remember Elaine Brantley, who passed away on June 9th, 2003.

The ceremony began with President Arthur Levine talking about Brantley, who worked at the College for 24 years. "She was everyone's friend. She cared about what happened to each student and staff member-no matter what their role was at Teachers College," said Levine. "Elaine let them know she cared about them. She would remember the little things about each of her customers, and she would ask them about their day or their children. It didn't matter how many people were in line, she did what some of the world's greatest leaders do, she made each person feel as if he or she was the only person there."

Other remarks and reminiscences were given by many people including: Paco Rodriguez, President of Sage Dining Services, Executive Chef at Sage Dining Services Margaret Hoffman, and Bettye Caldwell, Former Food Service Manager at DAKA.

Brantley was born on April 29th, 1949, in Harlem and also was raised there. She inherited her southern grace from her parents who came from the Carolinas.

She married Ulysses Brantley on October 12th, 1968, and they were blessed with one daughter, Eboné Chemise Brantley.

Eboné was the sparkle in Brantley's eyes and the joy of her heart. TC decided to honor her memory with a scholarship fund for Eboné. Virginia Stolarski, Coordinator of the Program for Educators and Learners with Blindness and Visual Impairment, presented The Eboné Brantley Scholarship.

Morris E. Wooten, Pastor of The Word of God Hour Baptist Church gave the closing words to the touching ceremony.

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