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Rob Gregory from Sage is Cooking on the Music Scene


The Suntanama

The Suntanama


Rob Gregory, the cook who works for Sage Food Services by day, plays drums with his band, The Suntanama, by night. The "bluesy, ‘70s-influenced folk rock" band, according to Gregory, has been gaining recognition in music publications such as the British music magazine Wired, which ranked their first album, The Suntanama, among the top 20 albums of the year for 2002. Their second CD, Another, was released in July 2003. In a recent survey, Canadian college radio listeners ranked the band number five. The group recently played the South-by-Southwest Tour in Austin, Texas, in March and then traveled to seven different cities around the South, Mid-West and East Coast. The band was also featured in a recently produced soundtrack album You Can Never Go Fast Enough for a 1970 cult driving film, "Two Lane Blacktop," with their song "Parallels." They are now recording material for a third album. Check out more about Rob and the band on their record company's Web site,
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