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TC’s Newsbureau Features Student Spotlights


Lisa Hertzog

Lisa Hertzog

Tonya Muro Homan

Tonya Muro Homan

Over the last month, External Affairs has been publishing "Student Spotlights" on the Newsbureau Web page to highlight some of our exceptional students at Teachers College. Each month, a new student will be featured. Please check the Newsbureau site to learn more about your classmates at

Students who have been or will be featured include:

Laurie Behrman, who graduated in May 2003 with her master's degree in Health Education.

Joanna Cortes, who completed her master's in the Organizational Psychology program in February 2003, and began the Ed.M. program in Psychological Counseling this spring.

Margaret Chan, a Ph.D. candidate in the Cognitive Studies program in the department of Human Development.

Nancy Doorey, a mid-career educator pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership through the Inquiry Program.

Maury Epstein, who is earning his master's degree in Music Education.

Lisa Hertzog, a first year doctoral student in Curriculum and Teaching.

Tonya Muro Homan, a doctoral candidate in the International and Transcultural Studies department.

Grace Lappin, who graduated in February 2003, from Health and Behavior Studies with a Ph.D.

Jenny Lee and Randye Semple from the Clinical Psychology doctoral program.

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