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A Campaign for Equity: Introduction



Equal Expectations, equal opportunities and equal outcomes for all students - in out neighborhood and around the world.

"Educational equity." It sounds lofty-but what does it really mean?

At Teachers College, equity can begin in our own back yard with something as basic as helping a struggling child learn to read. It can take a village, to borrow a phrase: a school where committed teachers, involved parents and an innovative curriculum enable disadvantaged children to succeed. It can be a model for teaching literacy that is guiding an entire city-or it can be expertise in a court case that could reshape the way a state finances its schools. It can be research that tells the entire nation why it's worth it to invest in helping the most at-risk students graduate from high school. Or it can be a project to rebuild the school system in a war-torn country halfway around the world.

These are just a few of the many activities going on at TC that are part of our new mission.

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